Our business
and values

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Consultenz, experts
in domestic and international mergers.

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Acquisition – Disposal – Valuation


Whether you are a company or group wishing to implement an external growth strategy, an investment fund looking for equity investments or build-up funds, or an executive wishing to take over a business (MBO/MBI), we can provide you with personalised and confidential support throughout the various stages of your project:

Validating your strategy and defining the specifications, searching for potential targets by direct approach and establishing a profile for each identified target, business valuation and assistance during negotiations, assistance with the drafting of legal documentation (LOI, protocol, asset-liability guarantee, deed of sale) up to deal closure.


To ensure the successful completion of the sale, which is a major event in the life of a company and of its owner, we will accompany you every step of the way, giving you the benefit of all our expertise:

Business assessment, preparing the business presentation, valuing the business and identifying the most appropriate legal framework, searching for potential buyers in line with the strategy and wishes of the seller, conducting confidential negotiations with the buyers and joint analysis of the LOI and guarantees received, selecting the buyer and finalising the transactions (protocol, audits, conditions precedent) up to deal closure.

We can assist you with your transfer, business disposal, transfer to an investment fund, exit of minority shareholders or disposal of assets (business undertaking, etc.).


Whether you are planning to sell your company or just want to know its value, we will offer you the most accurate valuation approach for your company, using methods adapted to your business segment and type of company.

Our clients

Our clients include groups, SMEs, investment funds and individual buyers.

Confidentiality and security of mandates

In order to defend and protect the interests of our clients during the transactions, we carry out our assignments in strict compliance with the requirements of the French supervisory bodies: ANACOFI, ORIAS, AMF and Carte T professional licence (Hoguet Law). CONSULTENZ is also a member of CNCFA (Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Fusion-Acquisition).

A comprehensive offer

CONSULTENZ and CONSULTRANS have been providing consultancy services
to companies in the Transport and Logistics sector for over 30 years.

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Our experts have extensive experience in business management (SMEs, group subsidiaries). They share the same professional background and way of thinking as their clients.

We listen, understand your needs and seek the best solution for you with an open-minded, exacting and collaborative approach.

Our values are simplicity, pragmatism, responsibility and a desire for challenge, which we put into practice every day when working on our assignments.

Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our approach: we take every precaution to protect our clients’ information through to project completion, by means of confidentiality commitments and the use of Virtual Data Room software (I-Deals) with secure, dedicated access to each file.